Saturday, 5 January 2013

Segment: Pencarian Bloglist Owhsem

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I have so many reasons why I like blogging..... Let me tell.
1.  I can share my  opinion about our country or lesson. I'm embrrassed to talk face to face so I use this blog to tell my opinion. You can read it, and you can share it.
2. I know so many people use this reason. Same with me too. I expressed all my feelings in this blog. Especially when I'm happy. This the second blog for me to express my feeling. First place is definitelay ALLAH.
3. I really, really, really love to read all kind of books. As the book must be purchased with money, then I choose to read on the Internet. I like to also read the life stories of others. I can make it as a lesson of my life. Other bloggers also like to give a tour of the world. So I do not have difficult to find books. Just need to create a blog and follow the blog useful for me.
4. Through the blog, I can also get to know other bloggers. I can address them through the chatbox or shoutbox. If I come face to face with them, not certain that I will greet this because I am a shy person.
5. I can also help myself to improve weaknesses in writing essays. Even more so in English. Insya-Allah, I am determined I will write at least one entry in English every month.
6. Finally, I had the opportunity to win prizes by participating in the segment or contest organized by other bloggers. Chance to get a prize is wide.
7. Another one, I can use my creativity to design this blog. It help me when PSV......errr.........maybe.
Sorry if this entry as essay writing to be sent to the teacher. I will try to write english essay more relaxed. Only then there are people who want to read. Sorry again if there are too many grammatical errors in this post. I need more training to improve my English.
 I want to tag:
* Shekechik
* Gadis Lollipop
* Celoteh Ibu Amirul
* Alya Humaira
* Dyssa Sahhir


  1. thanks for joining my dear. Tapi you terlupa tag 2 rakan blog. and pastikan dorang tahu okay. :)

  2. dtg dari segmen yg same . follow sini .

  3. ok...thanks tag saya tak faham segmen ni...

  4. oo..maknanya..kalau awk tag sy, sy kena hupdate ka?

  5. hye...
    done 4Low back...

  6. tq sebab tag Celoteh Ibu Amirul

  7. dear.... nice blog! may Allah bless.. practise makes perfect right? ^_^


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